10 Inspiring Bodybuilders’ Habits


There are many articles online highlighting the habits of successful people. But success is relative. What one person perceives as success may not be the same as another person sees it. So we will just stick to the body builders. What are the different habits of bodybuilders that you can inspire from?

  1. Be consistent: – Consistency is the key to making progress in your fitness goals. Only through continuous training and dieting can you improve your fitness level. Make a training plan and do not skip the gym day unless you are sick. Follow the gym schedule and make it a part of your daily life.
  2. Smart training: – When it comes to fitness and especially bodybuilding the mantra is train smart, train hard. To build the muscles you must push yourself out of the comfort zone and accept the pain your muscle feel when they are stressed. If you just follow a range of motions then there will be no progress to your goal. Smart training involves regularly changing the exercise routine and avoids overtraining.
  3. Eat, Eat and Eat: – If you eat just three meals in a day make it four or six. Eat every three hours and eat only healthy foods which give the body the best nutrients.
  4. Don’t miss proteins: – Proteins are the building blocks for muscle and it should be available to the body at all times. When you eat six meals in a day, make sure that each meal contains a certain amount of proteins (at least 15-20g of proteins should be present in each meal). The ideal intake of proteins is 2.2g per kg of body weight.
  5. Sleep / Rest: – The growth hormones released when you sleep triggers muscle recovery. Lack of sleep halts the growth of the body. Hence it is a must to get a proper and continuous seven to eight hours of sleep. Although if you sleep after consuming alcohol, the growth hormones will not be produced and the muscles will not grow.
  6. Water: – Always keep yourself hydrated as fluids are essential to keep the body functional.
  7. Always stretch: – Before you start any exercise make it a habit of stretching. Stretching makes the muscles loose and helps prevent injuries. It also increases the blood flow and enhances the workout form.
  8. Use supplements smartly: Supplements should supplement a healthy and balanced diet. It should not be treated as a replacement for meals.
  9. Cardio: – The common misconception in a gym is that if you are looking to lose weight then do cardio and if you are planning to build muscles then skip cardio. However cardio is for everyone.
  10. Be positive, have patience: – The gains and the results in a gym might take a long time to appear. Do not lose faith and keep trying.

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