10 Unconventional Things to Deal with Summer Heat


One of the motivational dialogues that people abide by has four words in it, “Do whatever it takes”. Whether it is in studies, athletics, or gym, do whatever it takes to reach your goals and attain your dreams. Here we will apply the philosophy in a different context, do whatever it takes to stay cool; do whatever it takes to deal with the summer heat. So here’s a list of 10 unconventional things you can do to deal with the summer heat.

  1. Miniature fan on your smartphone: Let’s start with a fun tip. Nowadays USB fans are available that you can connect to your laptop or a smartphone. This is very effective during power outages or while traveling. Of course, don’t forget to recharge your phone whenever you get a chance.
  2. Eat spicy: Contradicting the fact that during summer you should eat light, non-spicy food to lower the body temperature. We recommend that you eat spicy food so that the body’s temperature rises and it starts sweating. As we know, sweating is the body’s way of cooling down, and although you feel the heat initially, your body will cool down in an hour.
  3. Breathing techniques of Yoga: There are several breathing techniques such as inhaling through the mouth with a curled tongue and exhaling completely through the nose, which can cool down the body. This technique was used by our ancestors.
  4. Tea spray: One way to energize your face and skin is to spray it with tea, not the hot one you drink but a specially formulated one. Buy a mint tea or peppermint tea from the market and brew it; later keep it in the refrigerator overnight. Take the cold potion and spray or sprinkle it on your face to soothe the skin.
  5. Relaxing ice bath for the feet: Take a large bowl or tub and fill it with ice cubes or cold water. Now dip your feet in this ultra cold water tub and relax for a few minutes. Our foot is sensitive to temperature change and cools the whole body when dipped in this water.
  6. Sleep with a cold water bottle: Fill an ole water bottle with ice or cold water and place it beside you when you sleep. You can wrap the bottles in a towel to prevent the water from leaking onto the bed.
  7. Ice vest: These are commonly available in the market nowadays. These are to be worn on the body and acts as a cooling layer. It can also be worn inside your clothes while you go to college or office.
  8. Umbrella fan: Another product easily available nowadays is the umbrella fan. While umbrella shields you from the sun, a battery operated fan cools you from the inside. This is a good utility for women.
  9. Shave off the body hair: Although beard is the in-thing lately, men can always shave off their body hair. If you always thought about it, then now is the right time.
  10. Wet papers and wet towels: To cool your beverages faster just wrap them with a wet paper and keep them in the refrigerator. Wrap a wet towel around you before going to sleep.

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