3 Lifting Tips for Beginners


Every new guy in the gym, especially skinny guys, gets overwhelmed by the sight they see. They might not be overwhelmed by the racks full of heavyweights, or the machinery in the gym, they are actually dumbfounded by the expert level trainees who lift the heaviest of heavyweights.

But not to worry, everyone who comes to the gym for the first time experiences these emotions and within a span of six months to one year, they themselves become the source of awe for some other newbie.

However, to reach a heavy lifting stage beginners must first learn a few lifting tricks for better and faster results.

Understand the muscles and exercise form

There are many muscle groups in the body and each muscle group has a different number of heads that needs to be worked on for instance biceps have two heads and deltoids have three. The initial way to learn about different exercises is to start with machines and fewer weights. With machines, the range of movement is preset and all you need is to adjust the machine according to your body. This helps a person get a grasp on the range of movement before moving on to free weights. While you are practicing on a machine also learn when to breathe in and breathe out, and the joint locking mechanism.

Compound exercises

If you join a gym, chances are that you will probably hear the terms anabolic and catabolic. In simple terms, anabolic builds muscles whereas catabolic breaks muscles. Exercises are also broken down into two – isolation and compound. Even though your temptation to work on your arms may outweigh every choice of exercise, you need to focus on compound exercises. Exercises such as deadlifts, squats, bench presses, and seated rows must be a preference over forearm curls, barbell curls, and triceps presses. It is also a good practice to start with multijoint exercises before moving on to single joint exercise.

Weights and reps

Go light on weights initially and do 20 to 25 reps if possible. Again, focus on form rather than weight. As the fitness progresses the weights get heavier and the reps get lesser. Beginners should never try to lift a one rep max weight just to see how they can lift. One rep max weights are for expert level trainees who also take proper supplements for muscle growth and bone strength.

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