The First-Exercise Mistake Made in a Gym.


When you walk in to the gym all excited and eager to lift weights and make a difference to your physique, there might be one small mistake that you might be making. And that is the order of the exercises.

Which exercise should you do first? Should you train your weak muscles first so as to make them strong? But if you work on them first it will deem the subsequent exercises ineffective. Here are some common mistakes that you may make with your order of exercise.

Doing lower back first on back day (even leg day)

There might be some trainers who will tell you to either focus on the muscles from the top to the bottom or vice versa on your back day. It means doing the lower back first on the back or even leg day and then moving up or down.

While you do multijoint exercises on your back or legs, the lower back muscles get involved. It gets engaged even while doing overhead presses. Most of the back exercise and squats are done with heavy weights and you would want your back to support these movements. Hence doing back extensions and other lower back exercises first would be wrong.

If you exhaust the lower back first then you would find it very hard to maintain form while doing exercises. Exercises such as deadlifts and squats will be harder to do after lower back exercises. Besides the form you may also not be able to lift heavy and do reps.

It is always a smart move to do lower back exercises at the end of the workout session.

Forearms before arms

Forearms and even grip exercises are a great way to get stronger. But if you start your day with these exercises then you may not be able to hold weights for subsequent exercises. Doing shrugs also necessitates a strong grip. So doing grip and forearms before other exercises means that you have to compromise on the weights and reps of other exercises.

It is always recommended to do forearms and grip exercises at the end of a work out session.

Biceps before back and triceps before chest

This is basic – if you are a beginner and ask a trainer how the exercise routine should be divided, he or she will probably tell you to do back and biceps on the same day, and chest and triceps on the same day. However beginners are too eager to develop their arms that they start the routine with biceps and triceps, and keep back and chest for the latter part.

Always remember to train the largest muscle first, i.e. back and chest before biceps and triceps respectively.

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