39 Reasons to Start Your Fitness Journey


How many reasons can you think of to start your fitness journey? How many benefits can you think of? We collected most of the benefits of workouts here, so let’s start:-

  1. Fitness is good for you. You already know that. But working out, leading a healthy lifestyle and eating the best foods improves your overall wellbeing. A simple workout with dumbbells also enhances your mental health.
  2. It has been scientifically proven time and again that fitness helps you live longer. Performing 30 minutes of any exercise (jogging, cycling, sports, or weight training) extend your life.
  3. It improves the immune system of the body and guards against several diseases.
  4. It will make you strong (physically and mentally).
  5. The next big party is on the 31st of December. And it will help you get in shape and make it possible for you to wear clothes of your choice rather than the other way round.
  6. It will increase one’s self-confidence.
  7. You feel amazing.
  8. Happy enzymes after exercising will relieve your headaches.
  9. Parents will be more prepared to spend time with their little ones.
  10. Better food habits will flush out the toxins in the body.
  11. Zumba classes can be fun and a forum to meet like-minded people.
  12. Yoga will help you find peace and you will be able to cope better with day to day activities.
  13. Even the risk of cancer can be mitigated.
  14. You can forge an enviable body in the gym.
  15. It is good to attract the opposite sex.
  16. It will help you stand out in a crowd, especially if the crowd comprises of your friends and peers.
  17. It improves one’s stability and balance.
  18. Women who workout can cope with PMS better.
  19. Working out is an alternate way to spend time with friends.
  20. The gym is a nice place to meet fitness oriented people.
  21. Workouts and diet can ward off heart diseases and blood pressure (forever).
  22. You can relate to celebrities who work out, and better appreciate their efforts.
  23. You can uplift your mood.
  24. You will be able to get better sleep, but do not exercise before bedtime.
  25. Weight training increases metabolic rate and helps you burn fat.
  26. It is an excellent stress buster.
  27. Get a flat enviable abdomen.
  28. Get a good posture.
  29. You will look good naked (wink!).
  30. It will increase your stamina and libido.
  31. You will feel more energetic.
  32. You can do pushups to impress
  33. You can buy any outfit and it will look good.
  34. You It does delay the ageing process.
  35. It increases the productivity at home, college and work.
  36. You will never have to “try” and tuck in your tummy.
  37. You will look great in skinny jeans again.
  38. It will make you more flexible.
  39. It’s your life and exercise lets you live the best life.

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