Why Are There 48 Sessions of Massages in Our All Inclusive Package?


Gym massages should never be confused with leisure massage although they both offer the feeling of relaxation. And the gym massage can be tweaked as per your physical condition. You can go online and check out gym massages received by grown men with amazing bodies and you will be shocked to see tears in their eyes. Well, don’t be scared because these are for those with really rigid muscles and who still want it to grow. Gym massages are also therapeutic in nature and you can inform the masseur beforehand about your expectations.

There are many benefits you get from a good massage;

  1. Relaxes muscle tension: Daily exercising and other day to day activities can make the muscles sore leading to discomfort. A massage relaxes the muscle and improves the blood flow thus relieving stiffness.
  2. Relives stress: Stress is one of the main causes of worry. It is also a reason why even after you do all the right exercises and eat all the right food you don’t reach your fitness goal. Massage increases the endorphin level in the body and reduces the stress level.
  3. Better posture: Massage from an expert will realign the body to its natural state. Massages are really important for people who have sedentary jobs.
  4. Improved range of motion: A massage not only works on the muscles but the joints and connecting tissues as well. The flexibility of the joints is improved when these parts are stretched and contracted.
  5. Good blood circulation: Massage is a pressure based activity which improved the blood circulation in the whole body.
  6. Brings down high blood pressure: Massage improves the blood circulation, and lowers the stress and anxiety, thus bringing down blood pressure.
  7. Improves breathing: Massages relaxes the abdominal muscles and makes respiration easier.
  8. Relief from a headache: Researchers have found that those who get regular massages on their neck and shoulder region have reported relief from headache woes.
  9. Bolsters immunity: Massage improves the immune system by increasing the capacity of cytotoxic.
  10. Massage for healing: improved blood circulation and effective flow of oxygen allow the body to heal quickly.

Now that you know some of the benefits of massages you will understand why the My Fitness my Journey has included 48 sessions* of massages in its all inclusive package at only Rs20,000*.

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