No More Belly Fat… Only a Flat Belly


You might have read this umpteen times, but we at Talwalkars believe that contently refreshing one’s memory helps in imbibing a concept even more. For instance, there are many weight loss ideas floating online and you may have read most of them; but chances are that you may have read them a few months or even years back. So let this article be a refresher for you. To be honest, this article talks about nothing new that you already do not know. But as stated earlier it is just a refresher on how to lose weight through proper eating and how to get a flat tummy through proper choice of food.

Smart choices include merely avoiding unhealthy foods and swapping them with their healthier versions. These pointers will help you get a flat tummy (of course you have to complement it with healthy eating).

No more bottled soft drinks

The only thing that your fizzy drink gives you besides gas is artificial sweeteners. It might taste good and give you instant gratification but it does you more harm than you think. It makes you feel hungrier and flattens your belly. In my experience, it is the easiest thing to quit for good health. If you are hanging out with your friends and have to order something then go for green tea or natural juices.

No more raw vegetables

It is always good to munch on natural veggies as they are extremely healthy and a must n every diet. However raw vegetables take a long time to digest. Hence always cook the vegetables before eating them. You will be doing your stomach a huge favor.

No more salt

Salt is one of the main reasons for water retention which causes a puffed belly and extra fat in the body. Now it is not entirely possible to ignore salts, but you can say no to your favorite chips and other packaged products. Even while cooking, you can replace salt with dried herbs, spices and citrus juices, oregano, rosemary, and thyme which also gives the food a nice flavor.

No more dehydration

Water and other fluids are very essential to the body, especially when it comes to a hot sunny day or after heavy workouts. You can also avoid bloating by regularly drinking water. Avoid sugary drinks and make it a habit of drinking at least eight glasses of water in a day.

No more gum

If you have a habit of chewing gum then it is time to quit that or replace the sugary ones with a sugar-free one. And if possible replace the gum altogether with nuts like almonds or walnuts. Chewing nuts is way better than gums which have no benefit at all.

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