5 Common Fitness Mistakes by Beginners.


Everyone makes a mistake or two in a gym, sometimes even the best of best may not pay focus and make some minor errors. But beginners are bound to make many mistakes in the gym and it is a good thing for them because they end up learning.

Here’s a collection of common mistakes made by beginners as told to us by Talwalkars trainers.

Striving to stay slim all year long

Although having a lean physique is good, trying to maintain it that way for a whole year is not advisable. Staying lean throughout the year does not allow the body to recover. Keeping the body fat-free is a good thing but doing so for a prolonged period of time may be harmful. Furthermore a lean body struggles to find energy and has a low immunity level, which slows down the recovery rate. Trainers suggest that people should consume fats and try to bulk up especially during the summer season when you are fatigued. You will feel a lot better when you add a few more food categories to your diet.

Focusing too much on cardio and fasted cardio

Fasted cardio does not mean doing cardio while fasting; it means working out when the insulin level is low. In other words a fasted state means that you have consumed food a couple of hours earlier and the body has completed the digestion process. Fasted cardio is said to burn around 20% body fat but doing only fasted cardio in a gym may not be a good idea. Fasted cardio should be mixed with HIIT or resistance training.

Too much supplements

Beginners rely too much on supplements. They should be consuming whole foods and supplements should only be used to support the body. Before working out and before buying supplements, a diet plan should be determined. Use whey proteins, creatines, BCAAs, zinc supplements, etc. should only be used as an ad on to this diet.

Aiming for instant results

Beginners are mesmerized by the body of pros and they aspire to have one exactly like that. But they fail to ask the important question, how long did it take to reach this level? Beginners try too much too soon and expect quick results. There are no short cuts in a fitness program and it is better to realize that the body has its own limits.

Listening to everyone

When it comes to fitness, weight loss and bodybuilding everyone has an opinion. Focus on yourself, and learn from the best.

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