5 Summer Weight Loss Tips from Talwalkars Trainer


Summer season is approaching fast and it’s getting hot in most regions of the country, and like we all know it is going to get worse in March, April, and May. That is three months of scourging heat that robs off your gym energy. During this period, people try to do three a day cardio workouts so that they lose fat. Learn how to use pro-tips to burn fat and lose weight from a leading female trainer at Talwalkars.

When your goal is to get lean a few smart tricks can make a huge difference between good and great results. The trainer says that instead of skipping meals, counting calories and focusing entirely on cardio and sweating, a few smart choices can lead to a disciplined habit.

Hydrate at every available opportunity

Dehydration, especially during summer can physically and mentally drain the body. Besides aiding in digestion and absorbing nutrients from food, water is also effective in the fat burning process. Drink as much water you can, at least a minimum of four liters per day. It flushes out toxins from the body and makes it feel fuller. It also saves you from the performance issues caused by dehydration. The focus should be on drinking before, during and after the meals. It helps to suppress the appetite.

Work out like there’s no tomorrow

If weight loss is your priority, then focus on the intense workout. Even after you complete your sets do not stop; try forced reps, drop sets and negative sets. Intense workouts burn more calories and use up more energy. You can manage your training time by taking small breaks and avoiding water cooler conversations. You should always challenge yourself to lift more weight.

To cardio or not…

The concept of most people when it comes to weight loss is intense cardio. However to get optimal results steady-state cardio is not enough; one should also try intense interval training because it uses more energy and burns fats long after the session ends. You can alternate your cardio and weight training or split them in one session. And while doing cardio, make sure that you work on all the machines (elliptical, bikes, etc.) and not just treadmills.

Don’t be scared of a diet

Many of us get overwhelmed with the advice we get regarding diets. Don’t worry. The simplest of dieting advice that the trainer has to give is to eat whole foods and avoid packaged foods. Whole foods are rich in fibers and make you feel full. Some examples are oats, beans, nuts, leafy vegetables, etc.

More proteins

If you can include lean proteins in every meal then do it. Proteins keep the muscle mass in check while you are dieting and help you burn calories. Some sources of good proteins are eggs, red meat, fish, and whey.

And the most important tip she had to give was to get sufficient rest. There might be days you won’t be able to get to the gym and workout, but that is alright.

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