6 Precautions for People Who Go Jogging in the Rain.


There are many of us who like to shun the treadmill during the rainy season and go out in the nature for jogging. If you have never tried it then it’s the right time to give it a shot. Make sure you go out early morning rather than mid morning or the evening. A park, a long road or any other place that you can run for a few minutes at a stretch is a good place to start. You will be amazed to find out how many people get up in the morning and get out of their homes. Maybe you will make new friends on the track.

However there are a few precautions that you have to take while you go jogging in a rainy season… it might rain… duh!

Here’s a list of precautions (not in any particular order) that you need to follow while running in the monsoon season:

Cover your expensive watch: Many people have the habit of wearing watches while they jog, and with the advent of smart watches and app based devices you always find them clinging onto your wrists. But you won’t like your expensive Apple watch or a Rs4,000 worth wrist band to get damaged just because you went for a run. First of ensure that your watch is waterproof at least waterproof up to 50 meters. Mind you, covering the watch with your sleeve won’t do any good.

Keep your mobile in a zipped plastic pouch: Jogging with a mobile phone in your pocket is very uncomfortable; however there are many people who are able to pull it off. If you have to carry your mobile phone with you then keep it in a zipped plastic pouch as soon as you leave home.

Carry a wireless headphone: If you prefer to run with your headphones blaring then choose a wireless headphone instead of plugging a cord into your mobile which you have kept in a pouch.

Take a bath immediately: Those who run during summer or winter season have a habit of coming back home and reading their paper or watching TV before taking a bath. However, if you jog in the rain, then immediately after you get home wash your clothes and take a shower. Do not sit under the fan or AC when you are drenched.

Wear light weight clothes: Heavy clothes will warm you up immediately if it is not raining and it will become heavy if it rains. If you are jogging near your house then a good quality T-shirt and shorts is enough. Women must wear comfortable clothing such as loose tracks and tops, and a good length jacket. You can also protect the hair by wearing a cap.

Protect the skin: Chafing and blistering are the two common problems of people who work out. Underarms, hips, and inner thighs are some of the body regions prone to chafing. Apply Vaseline to the areas you are prone to chafing. Wear wicking socks to protect the ankle from blisters.

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