7 Fun and Must-do Activities for Couples Fitness


When it comes to workout partners, two’s a company and three’s a crowd. And what better way to workout than with your partner who is your companion or significant other. Studies have shown that working out with one’s partner releases more endorphins in the body and the training has a better effect (i.e. if both partners are fitness buffs). When couples workout together they form a special bond, as well as their motivation levels, are high. Some fitness and gym related activities that you can do with your partner are listed here:

Lift Weights Together

Once in a gym, there is no need to go your separate ways, both of you can lift weights together. You can both watch each other’s form and posture while lifting. Two person exercises including medicine balls can be done easily. It’s the best motivation for a guy to lift heavier weights when his partner is watching, and women feel more comfortable getting her partner’s support.

Try Yoga or AcroYoga

Doing yoga with your partner not only strengthens your practice, but also your relation. Yoga poses such as downward facing dog are carried out in a better way when done together. Such poses require teamwork, communication, and trust (essential in any relation). To improve strength and stability you can try AcroYoga, a combination of yoga and acrobatics.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a sport that needs physical and emotional support and who better to give it to you than your loved one. It requires encouragement and communication and is a good way to bond.


Although this is not an indoor option, it has been included in this due to the fitness factor. It is best for those with different levels of fitness. The fitter one can lift the bags while climbing. It is the best way to burn calories and work the legs.

Circuit Workouts

This is the best way to drain calories and an exercise that definitely needs a lot of motivation. A round of couple’s calisthenics (squats, push-ups and planks) with just your body weight can give good results. Set a timer and pep each other to complete a set. Circuit training with a timer can add up to the competitive spirit in both of you.


Cardio exercises such as jogging are done better with a company. Although it can be done outdoor, a gym like Talwalkars which has ample equipment (side by side treadmills) can be used for this purpose. Keep the speed of the machine same that you can indulge in conversations.


Another fun way to stay fit is Zumba. It is a good way to lose calories for that couple who love to dance. It is a heart-healthy workout and energizes the whole body.

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