9 Tips for a Healthy 9 Days of Navratri.


The holy festival of Navratri 2017 is up on us and like every other year this festival is going to be celebrated with pomp and gaiety. The next nine days are kept aside to celebrate and revere the nine manifestation of Goddess Durga. And the whole of India will partake in these celebrations.

Late night dance revelries and mouth watering delicacies (fried aloo ki sabji, porridge, halwa, paneer and puris, ladoos, lassi, milkshakes, etc. to name a few) become the norm for these nine days.

So, does that mean that you put your fitness on hold for the next nine days? Absolutely not!

We at Talwalkars wish you and your loved ones nine days of fun and bliss this Navratri and recommend you nine healthy tips to follow during this festive season.

  1. Eat lots of vegetables: Navratri is a festival wherein some people observe a day long fast, while some observe an intermittent fast and a certain few just eat fruits. For those who follow a fast it is recommended to include high fibrous vegetables in their food. Baked potatoes and sabudana (sago) is the traditional fasting food, but lentils, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc. should be cooked along with it.
  2. No alcohol rule: Navratri is a pious festival and many people refrain from alcohol; but there are still those who celebrate by drinking. The best possible advice is to refrain alcohol consumption altogether however if you cannot do without it, then decide beforehand the quantity that you will consume; and drink lots of water.
  3. Hydration: The late night dance fest will leave you drained. It is better to stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid fatigue and exhaustion the next morning. Lemon water, coconut water, green tea, etc. are some of the best fluids.
  4. Eat moderately: Do not turn your eye the other way when you see a plateful of delicacies heading your way. Just remember to eat in moderation and never binge. Avoid namkeens from packets.
  5. Choose food properly: This is mostly directed at those who buy ingredients from the market and cook for the family. Make smart food choices; for e.g. buy Samak rice which digests faster, make chapattis with Kuttu, buy dates and dry fruits, etc.
  6. Exercise: Do not miss your work out sessions during these nine days. Swaying to dandiya tunes are good, but try not to miss your gym time.
  7. Make amends: In case you had a sumptuous lunch, try to go easy on dinner. But always have a healthy and rich breakfast.
  8. Sleep properly: The food and the festivities can make you tired and it is important to get the body a good night’s sleep.
  9. ENJOY!

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