A Warm up to Warming Up.


How do you warm up? If you have been following the same routine for the last several years then you are probably doing it wrong. Many people start their gym with a short session of cardio and then hed out straight to the weight section.

A lot has changed in the fitness world and the way you warm up is no exception.

Why warm up?

If you head straight to the weight training section of the gym without warming up then you are putting your muscles at the risk of injury. Warm ups preps the body by increasing the heart rate and breathing, which increase the oxygen level in the body.

Warm ups are also necessary for a mental boost which tells the body to gear up for some physical action.

So how much time should be spent for warm ups?

People usually spend less than 5 minutes warming up. Talwalkars’ trainers recommend a warm up session of 10 to 15 minutes.

How to warm up?

Warm ups are not limited to flexing muscles or running on treadmills, it is a combination of both. Cardiovascular exercise such as cycling, jumping jacks, skipping rope, etc. is ideal ways to increase your heart rate. You should also stretch your muscles and increase mobility of the joints. The intensity of warm-ups must increase gradually. However do not do warm-ups till failure; stop at the point when you feel breathing has increased along with the heart beats.

Get used to the foam roll

Using it activates the tissue fluids and balance muscle spindle. Foam rolls should be done on the muscle groups you plan to work on that particular day. Target your hard muscles and remain in the position till you feel the muscle getting tender.

Go dynamic not static

People still warm up with static stretches at the beginning of their work out. After getting off the treadmill, people do certain static warm ups before heading to resistance training. Before you lift heavy weights your muscles must be activated with dynamic stretching rather than put them to sleep with static stretching.

Focus on the muscle group you plan to work

After you finish with your dynamic stretches, lift light weights of the exercise you are about to do and mock the movements. For example, if you plan to work on biceps then choose a light weight and perform a few warm ups actions targeting the biceps.

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