Avoid Pre-Workout Mistakes and Move Forward


You hardly spend one hour in a gym, so why not spend it correctly. And if you have made fitness and health your goals, then not only does the time you spend inside a gym matter but the time you spend outside it also matters. For instance, how do you prepare yourself before you go to a gym? People make many common errors before entering a gym which then plays spoilsport with your goals. What you do before you enter a gym is equally important as to what you do once in a gym. Because everyone who steps foot inside a gym is motivated but only those know what they are doing always sprint ahead. So know their pre-workout mistakes and move ahead to meet your goals.

Going to a gym without a plan

We are not talking about your plan at the finishing line, but your day to day plans. How many times have seen guys walk into a gym and don’t know whether they need to do squats, or back or chest exercises? Setting these minor goals is important to achieve the larger goal. A good plan should also be flexible, for example, during the summer time you can reduce the weights, and the time spent in the gym. Review your plans and chart it out as per your schedule. It will only take a few minutes.

Excess junk food before workout

The one scene in Bollywood movie “Dangal” that stood out was when the protagonist offers his daughters a plate of paani puri and tells them that it would be their last. That is the level of focus that an athlete has. The rest of us can at least show a little bit of focus and avoid eating junk food altogether or at least 12 hours before working out. If you go to a gym tomorrow morning then the preparation for it starts from today evening.

Pre-workout supplement

A good pre-workout supplement starts the body’s recovery process even before you complete the first set. Drink a scoop of whey proteins which digests faster than whole foods. Your supplement should include beta-alanine, beet extract, and caffeine. You can also drink the shake before cardio and before weight training.

Envision the training

Simply having a plan won’t do the trick for you, envision your training day in your head, and be mentally prepared. Visualize every individual exercise, its form, tempo, and the weights… everything (this should be done especially if you are lifting heavy weights).

Don’t overlook cardio

Cardio is not just for those looking to lose weight; it is also for those looking to bulk up. Consult your trainer and come up with a training program that includes both cardio and weight training.

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