Back Exercises for a Sculpted Back


Are the back muscles eluding you? Is your weight for a symmetric and muscular back never ending? The best part of having a toned back is the tapered V shape it gives the upper body. However it is difficult to build that kind of a back. Here are some exercises that will help you get the perfect back.


What else did you expect? When it comes to working out your back, deadlifts are the first exercise that comes to mind. Deadlift brings every muscle in the body into action as you lift the heavy barbell from the floor. Reps of heavy deadlift are best for the lower back and as you pull the bar into an upright position the upper back muscles, lats and traps feel the tension. There are many types of deadlifts but most people get confused between the conventional deadlift and the sumo deadlift. While the sumo deadlift is good strength, the conventional deadlift is good for muscle hypertrophy. If you need to increase muscle mass then rep ranges and weights needs to be adjusted. The distance between the legs should be hip width apart or a normal stance of a vertical jump.

Single arm dumbbell row

This is the commonest exercise on a back day. So how can you put a variation in this one? For starters, forget the sets and reps, and pick a time (45 seconds exercise with 15 minutes rest for 4-5 minutes). Initially you will start with a moderate weight with high intensity, however as you progress you will slow down, but continue till failure. It is also recommended to start the first set with the heaviest weight on your weaker side, and subsequently reduce the weight. This exercise is better than the barbell row as it helps you concentrate on single reps, and you can take it to failure.

Straight arm pulldown / pushdown

This is a single joint movement that does not involve the biceps and isolates the lats. It can be done on a cable station with a rope attachment or a lat bar. This exercise should be done at a controlled pace with a full range of motion; even the negative should be under control and done slowly to work the muscle.

Neutral grip pull-ups

Pull-ups are usually done with an overhand grip. In a neutral grip the palms face each other. It is also easier to do as it does not exert pressure on the elbows and shoulders. As you pull up, squeeze the glutes. If you are not new to doing this, just relax, it might seem hard at first, so do 3-5 reps and rest for 20 seconds.

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