Beat the Winter Workout Blues with these Tips

Winter Gym Motivation

Winter fitness

Do you find it very de-motivating to get out of bed on a cold winter morning just for winter workouts? Or at the end of the day do you feel like having a hot beverage and watch TV in the warm confines of your home and just relax? If yes, then don’t worry you are not alone. There are many like you who find it hard to follow winter fitness routines. But when it come to fitness the mantra is do whatever it takes. Just get up and head to the gym. Easier said than done right? So here are the top 12 things done by the professionals at Talwalkars to get up in the morning, and head to the gym.

12 tips to beat the winter fitness blues

  1. Warm up your bedroom: The main excuse that all of have on cold mornings is, well, it’s too cold. So if you know that it is cold when you are going to sleep and it will be cold when you get up the why don’t you set the temperature of the bedroom. You can either close the windows or set the thermostat timer before your alarm.
  2. Sunshine in your bedroom: Buy a wake-up-light to create sunshine like feel in your bedroom as early as 6 am.
  3. Best song as alarm: Set your alarm on our phone and choose the most motivational theme as the tone.
  4. Choose a fellow Talwalkarian: Having a partner who is as eager to work out as you are is beneficial for the both of you. When at the gym, befriend someone with whom you can come to gym with.
  5. Splash water the first thing: One way to beat the sleep is by splashing water on your face the moment you get up to hit the snooze button on the alarm.
  6. Dress up: Buy new winter gear for workouts and keep them warm for your early morning routine.
  7. Start with cardio or stretches: One thing that most professional trainers do is that they start stretching at home. Some movements are good to get the stiff joints moving. Even at the gym it is ok to head for the treadmill first.
  8. Do simple exercises at home: Exercises like pushups and its variants, sit ups, etc. can be done at home to warm you up.
  9. Make use of technology: There are several apps available to motivate you into going to gym. You can also proclaim in your Whatsapp or Facebook group about your intention to go to the gym. This way you will be forced to go in order to avoid embarrassment.
  10. The big picture: Many people do get out of their bed and head to the gym; but it lasts for a couple of days. Visualize yourself and how you want your life and body to be after 3-6 months.
  11. Set small targets: Do not be dissuaded at the thoughts of lifting heavy weights or skip leg day out of laziness. Do gradual progressive workouts, but do keep track of the progress.
  12. Create challenges: Talk to your trainer and set some interesting challenges for the next day.

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