What Is the Best Time For Me To Work Out?


When you plan to work out, one of the question that arises is when the best time for me to work out is? There is no wrong time to exercise but based on your college or office timing and your personality the work out time will vary.

Getting some sort of fitness activity in your daily schedule is a winning formula, but the timing for work out will always a question for contention. Should you go out early morning, come back home, take a shower and then go to college or office; or should you make use of the office gym in the afternoon; or should you opt for late night workouts.

If you ask professionals they will suggest a time from 5p.m. to 7p.m. which they consider is the best time to work out because the body is strong and flexible at that point. Another reason is that after work out you can go home, take supplements and rest.

However the time for gym is a personal choice. You have to adjust the timing according to your school or office timing, family commitments and obligations, and sleep timings. But once you set a time you should make it a habit and not deviate from it.

If you are not sure when to work out then you can do a two week experiment on yourself. And don’t worry two weeks is not a long time. Over the course of two weeks try different timings of work out based on your convenience. Note the timings that you generally miss out, for example, working out in the afternoon in the office can affect consistency. Later ask yourself these questions: Is my sleep getting affected? Am I more active or drained? Am I consistent?

This will help you determine your right time.

If that does not work for you then ask the following questions:

Do I have consistency issues with my work outs?” Those who have trouble sticking to a workout time should choose early morning routine.

Am I not able to sleep properly at night?” Avid evening and night time work outs as it raises the body’s temperature and affects the sleep pattern.

Am I not able to get up in the morning?” That’s alright; you can go to the gym in the evening or afternoon.

Don’t worry, your body will adapt to whatever time you chose as long as you remain consistent.

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