Bodyweight Training… Anyplace, Anytime!


Have you tried out bodyweight training yet? Don’t put too much emphasis lifting heavy weights when you are in a gym. Bodyweight training can be strenuous enough to achieve your fitness goals. So what is bodyweight training? Well, as the name suggests it is a strength training routine, which constitutes of a series of exercises using your bodyweight and the gravitational force. So basically these exercises do not require any plates or dumbbells, or machines. It is just you and gravity.

Benefits of a bodyweight workout

Bodyweight workouts are easy to do and very beneficial. The best part of this exercise is that it can be done anywhere as it does not require any machines or equipment (which also saves time). Bodyweight workout is a combination of cardio and strength training and involves multi-joint exercises. These exercises burn fat and build muscle. The rate of metabolism which is increased after doing his workout lasts for hours.

Depending on your fitness level and endurance anyone can adapt to these exercises by reducing or increasing the rep range. There are however a few exercises that you may not be comfortable doing but do not worry, there are plenty available for you to try. Another benefit is that the core strengthens thus giving you a good posture. It also prevents back aches. (Talwalkars would like to remind you again: – follow a good diet; one which complements your intensity)

Different bodyweight workout

There are different types of Bodyweight workouts that you can try; let’s start with the basic and popular ones.

  1. Pushups: This is the most popular form of Bodyweight workouts. This is considered a complete workout by many because just by adjusting the grip width this exercise affects different parts of the body. You can also vary the angle of incline and decline or the extension of the arms and put different kinds of pressure on the torso and other muscle groups.
  2. Squats: This is again a common workout and good for the entire leg.
  3. Chair sit: This is the best exercise for the thighs and is simple to do. Stand against a wall and bend till your knees are parallel to the floor and above the feet (the knees should not extend beyond the feet). Extend the arms in the front and be in this position as long as possible. The position can be taught of as being seated on an imaginary chair.
  4. Plank: This is very popular amongst fitness enthusiasts as it is a yoga pose. Get into a press-up position and bend the elbows; rest on the forearms. Tuck your abdomen in and stay in this position for 60 seconds.
  5. Sprint: This is different from jogging. All you need is a free space of up to 15 meters.
  6. Bear crawl: It is simple, just walk around the house like a bear. It might seem funny at first but it is effective.
  7. Burpees: Last and by no means the least it is time for burpees. Just do it for 5 minutes and see your energy drain and sweat gushing like a fountain. No matter whether you jog 25 km every day or you lift 100 kgs while bench pressing, burpees will drain you. And since there are many forms of burpees, it is not possible to cover them here… it’s a topic for another time.

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