Boost Your Romance: Workout Together


Is there a possibility that following your fitness routine and visiting a gym for workouts affect your romantic relation positively? Yes. Many people across cities hit the health clubs and sign on to new fitness programs, but they do it alone. It is time to consider how fitness can benefit not just your personal well being but enhance your relationship as well. Why don’t you tug along your partner to the gym and start working out together? To quote a cliché, “partners who sweat together stay together”. A recent study has proven that couples who workout together have a better and fulfilling relation. Although most of the points listed here are gym-centric, it is applicable to fitness through jogging, yoga, Zumba, etc.

Boost your romantic relationship: As per the study, couples who participated in exciting physical activity were more satisfied with their partner and fell closer to them. Exercise is the perfect example of an activity that has a positive effect on a relationship and is also termed physiological arousal. Sharing and setting fitness goals or planning a gym date is a fun way to look forward to the activity. A date night at the gym is a quality way to boost the relation. Of course, needless to say, do not slack off.

Boost your workout efficiency: It is a proven fact in psychology that the presence of someone affects your performance. Those of you who are already pumped up in a gym will find a boost to your energy level if your partner was right next to you. The speed and intensity of your workout will increase, even without your conscious effort. However, if you are new at the gym or trying to learn a new exercise, a partner’s presence may be distracting. Master your art first, and then bring your partner along.

Achieve fitness goals: When you and your partner are clear about your fitness goals, it becomes easier to achieve them. As per the aforementioned study, husbands who take their fitness seriously are more likely to engage in an intense workout if their wives share health related comments about them. However, it is recommended not to focus too much on your partner’s fitness that you lose focus of your own.

Love all over again: As mentioned, exercise leads to physiological arousal… all the naughty stuff… sweating, bulging muscles, and shortness of breath, endorphins, and fast heartbeats. All these factors enhance your attractiveness in your partner’s eyes.

Better emotional connect: Working out together improves your coordination and communication and helps you understand the weakness and strengths of each other. There are exercises which involve non-verbal communication which helps you connect emotionally, and form a deeper bond.

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