Building a Strong Mind for Reaching Goals.


Strong mind = strong body… it is cliché ad nauseam but true. Unless your mind body connection is working at its optimal you will never be able to achieve your fitness goals, actually you will never be able to achieve any goal you set.

A reputed trainer from Talwalkars (Mumbai branch) says that to achieve your goals you need will power, patience, commitment, dedication and passion. And all these factors are connected to both the mind and the body. So let’s hear his suggestions to make us mentally and physically strong and move ahead to achieve the goals.

Be a part of a positive team

You are always as good as the people around you. If fitness is your passion or getting a super physique is your goal then you have to surround yourself with likeminded people. If coding or doing an MBA is your aspiration then you surround yourself with people who have similar goals. Even if you do not know such people, remember always surround yourself with goal oriented and positive people. Avoid lazy and negative people. This is one thing that makes a lot of difference mentally.

Know the basics

For example, if a girl wants to lose weight and she does cardio all the time she may not achieve success. She also has to lift weights. These are small things one needs to understand first and then accept that the process of learning is never ending. So make self committed to the cause.

Go back to pencil and paper

Nowadays everything is app based and it’s good. But the old fashioned pen and paper method is more effective. Before going to bed, jot down you goals for the next day. Then get up the next day and read what you have scribbled, and accomplish those micro goals.

Pamper yourself

When you stick to a goal for a long time then you definitely deserve a break. Take it without feeling guilty.

Be a mentor

When you first began your journey to accomplish your goals you might have had a mentor guiding you. May be now it is your turn to be a mentor to someone else and share the knowledge you have gained.

Work out what works for you

Some people love a specific exercise and there is nothing wrong with doing it every day. Just make some time to do that particular exercise and push yourself harder.

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