How Can Thin Guys Gain Weight and Add Muscle Mass?


How to gain weight… fast has been a question asked by many skinny guys. Some skinny guys are so desperate to add those extra kilos that they choose the unhealthiest and illogical ways to tilt the weighing scale by at least a small factor.

And then there is the problem of people telling you to gain some weight (like it is easy and you haven’t tried) and the never ending flurry of tips. However, some of the tips offered by the many people would actually be helpful. Remember that you are not alone, there are many teenagers out there just like you who struggle to gain some weight. But also remember that it’s not your fault that you are skinny and with real effort you too can add some reasonable weight to your structure. However you can fight back and not only put some weight but also gain good muscle mass.

Understand that your body is built differently

Thin guys or underweight must first realize that their body is built different to others, however they it can gain mass. Ignore the people who would hold your wrists or look at you from head to toe and tell you that you can’t do it. So let’s see how thin guys can bulk up.

Increase or simply double your consumption: This is a simple tip that can be done easily… just double up whatever you are eating. If you have one roti everyday then start having two; change your order from one sandwich to two. It is also true for whey proteins, double up the consumption (of course, increase your workout as well). Sometime it is simply a matter of calories that is keeping you thin, so start eating.

Be around food or let food be around you: Every person in a gym knows that they have to eat every 2-4 hours; but most are not disciplined to follow this rule. Either you can carry a bag of nuts in your bag or during your break be at places that serve delicious healthy food. Your food bill will obviously increase but never forget the goal.

Use larger plates: Using lager plates has two benefits: first it helps you accommodate more food in one serving, and two, a half empty plate give the brain an indication that you will remain hungry after eating which compels you to fill the plate.

Never go to a gym on an empty stomach: Going to a gym on an empty stomach or after over eating is a strict no-no. Those planning to go to a gym in the evening must have a good meal at least one to two hours before visiting the gym. Those who go to the gym in the morning should eat a small quantity of food one hour before working out; and later have a sumptuous breakfast.

Eat rich food: The richness here refers to the calories and nutrients in the food. Eating a calorie surplus food that has no nutrients helps no one.

Gym drink: Consult the nutritionist at Talwalkars to suggest a healthy carb and protein drink that you can consume while working out.

Never stop eating well!

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