Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Enlightenment


“Break free from the shackles of ignorance, and let the supreme light of lights enlighten you! May you find peace and satisfaction within! May you all prosper on the material and spiritual level!”

These words perfectly epitomize the festival of lights. Don’t spend this Diwali like every other you have; don’t just make sweets and distribute them; don’t just light candles and diyas in your home.

This Diwali light a lamp of goodness and wellness within; this Diwali let the sweetness be in your words and your attitude; this Diwali let the lights enlighten you!

Celebrate Diwali with your friends and family with the same pomp and gaiety that you always do but do not forget to connect with yourself first. Meditate and light a diya within that outshines ill will and ignorance.

This light will help on your path to self-realization, and thus help you achieve all your goals. Make a new resolution, regardless of whether it is for your health or profession, and make a plan to achieve it. Reach your goals with a vigor you never felt before.

Take this opportunity to erase old grudges – forget and forgive. Let this festive season be one of friendship and unity. Let the malice in your heart not stop you from moving ahead. Instill a habit of sharing and help others achieve their dreams.

Try to wake up in the morning and nourish your mind with knowledge and body with only the best food and physical activity. A soul with an enlightened mind and a healthy body will be able to ward of all darkness.

Embrace not just your friends and family while wishing them “Happy Diwali” but embrace your weaknesses and strive every moment to get better, regardless whether it is for scoring better grades or lifting heavy weights.

Let’s not dampen the spirit of Diwali with load crackers but by soaking in the vibrations filled in the atmosphere. The tiny vibrations around us are waiting to be heard and have the power to positively transform the heart of every individual in this world.

Before the festivities start, sit near the lighted diya quietly with closed eyes and withdrawn senses. Concentrate on the real light within and illuminate your inner Self, and celebrate a special Diwali.

May the Festival of Lights bring lots of joy, peace, and prosperity to you and your family!

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