Detox before Your Fitness Journey


Are you planning to mend your ways and focus on your fitness? Have you made up your mind and starting a workout routine soon? Have you decided to give up the lattes, cappuccinos or even a roadside tea for healthier alternatives? Are you going to replace desserts of ice creams and pastries with fruits and nuts?

If you have answered all the questions with a yes then read on. If you are already a fitness enthusiast even you can read on.

And if you are in fact reading on, then it’s time to detox. Before you start a fitness regime and slowly start taking healthy food along with supplements it is imperative that you detox your body to get rid of the toxins and allergens. Before you begin a detox for at least seven days, consult with a nutritionist at Talwalkars.

However here are some detox tips that you can anyhow follow:-

  1. Make a plan: All fitness programs start with making a plan and having a strategy. First and foremost decide the number of days that you plan to detox. The plan for one month of detox is different from a plan for a one week of detox (consult a nutritionist for more details).
  2. Willpower: After you have a plan in place make a resolve to stick to the plan no matter what. Make up your mind that this is it, there is no turning back.
  3. Adios sugar: Try to completely cut out sugar from your diet. Mind you, we said sugar, not sweet products like honey, which if taken in the right quantity is actually beneficial.
  4. No more soda: Avoid all forms of caffeinated and bottled drinks. Opt for water, coconut water, or lemon juice.
  5. No more caffeine: Replace all your tea and coffee powder with green tea which is rich in anti oxidants. There are many varieties of green tea that you can choose from.
  6. Sauna: Make use of the sauna in the gym at least three to four times in a week. Sauna relaxes the body and mind.
  7. Don’t forget the nutritionist: This is especially essential for those who are planning a one-month long detox program.
  8. No liquor: For the next several days forget that alcohol even exists. It is essential to rejuvenate the liver.
  9. No cigarettes: Everyone who smokes is already aware of the fact that cigarette kills. So here’s an opportunity to completely get rid of them.
  10. Pamper yourself after a few days to stay motivated.
  11. Drink lots of water every day.

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