Different People You will run into at Talwalkars


When you join a big gym like Talwalkars you are bound to meet many personalities because the common goal of fitness brings together all kinds of people. The ultimate goal of most of these people is to get fit or gain muscle or lose weight, but their style of achieving these goals are different. So when you step inside Talwalkars, be prepared to meet these types of people (you might be one of them):

The Athlete level trainee

This person trains to achieve the fitness level of a national level athlete. They are always there in the gym at a particular time. These guys take their fitness very seriously

The Cardio freak

These are the ones you will always find on the treadmill or elliptical. They are constantly trying to increase their heartbeat. These are normally people who are trying to lose some weight quickly. And although they have to weight train to lose weight, they never do. They may carry some extra fat, but the intensity with which they do cardio is commendable.

The Busy bee

This is the person who is the busiest in the gym but actually, does nothing. He is always on his phone texting or taking selfies of the workout he hardly does. He is irritating because he sits on the bench using his phone rather than letting others use it. He also tries to pick up the heaviest weight and after 4-5 reps flexes in front of the mirror.

The New Year resolutioners

This is the part of the crowd you see on the first of January and eventually vanishes by the time it’s February. These guys make New Year resolutions for being fit and as is the norm, never complete them. The first month of the year is always the crowded time in a gym. Regular gym goers must have patience and this crowd will gradually subside.

The Builder

There is always this one guy in a gym with the perfect and envious physique. He lifts the heavy weights and is always dressed for the gym. No matter how much you envy their physique or how intimidating they are, these are the category of people who inspire you to workout.

The New guy

Now, this is a no-brainer. Every gym time and again gets these new joiners who are totally new to fitness and workouts. They are confused and scared and may come in with a partner or try really hard to make one in the gym. These guys normally do everything wrong and frequently ask the trainers or others for support and advice (and rightfully so).

The Multi-tasker

These are generally girls who while on the treadmill read a novel and listen to music, all at the same time.

The Buddies

They arrive at the gym together, do the same workout together, and hog the water cooler together. If you spot a group of three to four buddies during your gym time avoid their workout. That is if they start doing biceps you work on your chest, this way you won’t have to wait for the machines frequently.

The Flexes

While you are struggling to touch your toes with your overgrown fingernails this guy scratches his nose with his leg from behind the head. These are the flexibles who can contort their body and give Yogis a run for their money. Although a bit jealous, you have to admire them.

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