Fitness for 13 to 19 year old Teen Girls


Teenage girls are at the risk of fat gain and obesity if they do not focus on their fitness. Now it is understandable that your schedule is very busy…school, classes, homework, assignments, exams, friends, family, etc. But ask any grown up or read the interviews of any of your favorite celebrity and they will tell you how important your fitness is as you grow up.

Another reason why teenage girls avoid gyms is because they wonder whether all the effort is actually worth it. You have to understand that workouts and fitness routines are vital in these formative years. You may feel a pain after the initial days of working out at the gym, but it’s worth the effort. At a gym like Talwalkars you also have the option to choose from different and interesting fitness programs.

Here is some motivation that will push you to focus on fitness and workouts:

  • First and most important…it makes you look good. Nicely tones arms and legs, and a tummy without any fat is a dream for most girls, and by exercising regularly, it can become a reality.
  • Workouts not only keep the body weight in control but it is also good for the skin.
  • Teenage girls often find it difficult to control their weight and lack of activity coupled with poor diet triggers fat gain. At Talwalkars you will get the proper guidance for workout based on your body type and also get the best diet advice
  • It releases the feel-good hormone, endorphin, and makes you happy
  • It helps beat stress and lets you focus better in studies
  • It makes you stronger
  • It gives you an athletic look
  • It keeps lifestyle diseases like high BP, diabetes at bay

How to chart a healthy workout plan for teenage girls

Discipline is the key to success, whether it is in education or in fitness. Teenagers are always doing some activities or going to parties and they get the time for them by skipping workouts. That’s why discipline is important. Always keep in mind your goal for hitting the gym (weight loss, staying fit, etc.) and create workout plans with the trainers.

  • What is your goal, what do you want to achieve? Is it weight loss, body shape, or overall fitness? Choose appropriate workouts based on these goals.
  • Set realistic targets. Teenagers have the mentality that everything should happen overnight. Talk to your trainer and comprehend the time it takes to see the initial results.
  • To make any workout routine successful, the regular workout is a must. Talk with your trainer and choose a time that suits you the best. Even if you are only available on weekends to ask the trainer how long should you exercise. Only consistency gives you the desired output.
  • Tag a friend along (one who is really interested in fitness and no one else). It keeps you motivated.

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