Focus on Progress Not the Results in a Gym.


Different trainers in different gyms of India and even in different branches of the same gym train their rookies in different ways. But after becoming a certified trainer in Talwalkars and teaching my guys for over 6 years now I have learned that it is the slow tortoise that wins the race.

And it’s not just in the gym but anywhere in the outside world, unless you have the patience and aim for quality rather than instant appeasement you will always let yourself down.

People are too focused on results whether in a corporate office or in a gym, that they forget about the progress. They are too bothered about the outcome that the path becomes blurry. For instance when you see a ‘big’ guy in a gym lifting heavy weight the natural question that comes to mind and the one that you ask is now how he reached that level but what his maximum lift weight is.

Even that guy started lifting from zilch and went up to 100kgs, one kilo at a time. But people just make baseless targets, “I too will lift 100 kgs in a month”, or maybe this vernacular will help you relate “Tue k mahina ruk, main bi aisa hi body banaunga”.

And focusing too much on results and not on the progress is the reason why most people quit the gym. Here are the reasons why you should focus on the progress than the result.

Take it slow… We all know how action stars walk in slow motion but did you know that if we lift in slow motion we will see more gains. This is not a joke. Try it the next time you are in a gym. Suppose you are doing biceps curls. Lift the weight slowly, hold it at the top for a few seconds and then return to start position, again slowly. Trust me you will not be able to complete the usual rep count.

Consciously add weights… If every week (or in every two weeks) you add 5kgs to the rack just think how much you will be able to lift by the end of the year. How many people who started lifting with you would be able to list as much as you can?

Chose light weights first… Going for the heavy weights (during the start of our fitness regimen or during the start of our day) is not a waste of time. It is a misconception that with every lift your muscles should be strained.

Injury prevention… By lifting light weights and gradually progress you are giving your body ample time to recover. However if you push your body too far you are risking injury.

Slow wins the race

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