Food Preparation Mistakes Affecting Weight Loss Goals


Cooking one’s own meals is a rewarding process, and helps an individual stick to his or her fitness goals. Preparing one’s own food also entails buying food from the shops and choosing healthy alternatives.

However preparing own meals does not always mean that you will be healthy or that you will lose weight. Here are some meal preparation mistakes that hamper the fitness goals.

Buying items in excess

People tend to go out shopping on a Sunday and buy eatables that last for a week. It is a perfect plan when buying reheatable foods like chicken but when it comes to fruits and vegetables this plan flounders. Fruits and vegetables should comprise 50% of the meal, and it is better to eat it fresh than to throw it away when it gets stale. However certain fruits need to be purchased raw and then consumed after a couple of days. So do smart shopping, don’t buy excess foods and don’t waste food.

Ignoring snacks

Losing weight does not mean that you can’t enjoy snacks. Preparing snacks is more important because snack time is a time when people usually eat unhealthy foods. And in reality, healthy snacks keeps a person on the fitness track. And planning and prepping for snacks is easy – it can either be a fruit or salad.

Monotonous meals

Monotony gets boring. If you make, pack and eat the same meal every day then you will quickly turn away from the routine. Even if you make your best chicken dish, eating it every day will tire you. Make new dishes every day and try to keep your taste buds guessing.

Eating while preparing

Testing the food you make for its salt and spice content is alright and routine, everybody does it, but eating while making the meal is a bad habit and undermines the whole healthy process. A simple hack to avoid this habit is to chew a gum while making food; also you can make food only when your tummy is full.

Choosing incorrect portions

Portion control is a skill that needs to be mastered early on. Choosing too much food in a portion will deem the weight loss goal ineffective, whereas choosing too little food in a portion will cause you to binge eat later on.

Use of preservatives

If you prepare your own meal but make use of sauces in a bottle and other packaged spices with excess salt or sugar, then its effect on health will be detrimental. Use natural spices while making food.

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