A Healthy Weight Gain Guide for Skinny People.


The topic of weight loss has been discussed ad infinitum but people seldom focus on weight gain. There are many skinny people who just wish they were “fatter” so that they could wear certain clothes and not look overly geeky in their thin petite frame.

Weight gain is as challenging as weight loss and in the quest to add a few extra kilos in the body people start eating mindlessly which can pose a problem later on. Again, it’s not how much you weigh on the scale but the approach you use to tilt the scale in your favor that matters.

Quality over quantity

This writer is a South Indian and “was” skinny. To get bulkier I used to eat 10 to 20 home made idlis and chutney. But was it a proper approach? Absolutely not, as the only gain I saw was a pot belly. When you are looking to add weight, focus on more nutrient rich food. For example having idlis is alright as long as you reduce the quantity and include nuts and oatmeal to the breakfast menu.

Increase the frequency of eating

Try to increase the number of times you eat in a day. Usually we all have three big meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Eating in excess during these meal times will lead to some stomach problems; hence nutritionists advice having four to six smaller meals in a day.

Progressively increase calorie intake

It’s good to start consuming nutrient rich food but it is also important about counting your calorie intake (at least at the beginning). Try a calorie calculator app to track your food intake.

Be clear about your goal

Do you just want to bulk up or do you want to add muscle mass? Did someone tell you to bulk up or is it your volition? Have a clear goal and have a measurable one so that it becomes easy to track progress. One way to keep moving ahead is by breaking the end goal into many small goals.

Don’t let genetics be a reason

Your genealogy plays a huge role in your body’s structure, but that should not be a reason you hold back. However if you see no progress even after putting in all the efforts accept the reality and alter your nutrition and exercise regime.

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