Overcome Pain Barriers with 3 Mind Tricks.


Pain is the one thing that is common amongst all those frequenting a gym. And we don’t mean the pain caused by injury but the pain you experience when lifting weights, the pain you feel when you do the staircase exercise, the good pain that you feel, the one which assures you that your body is getting stronger.

However it is this good pain that acts as a bummer for few trainees. People who are into fitness will tell you that a little pain that you experience every day after work outs will help you ward off bigger pain in the future.

No matter what your fitness goal is, whether to add muscles, or to slim down or to stay lean and fit, all these goals can only be achieved if you are willing to pass through the barrier called pain. Every variety of training inculcates progressive overloading which causes discomfort.

Those who practice methods of avoiding pain in the gym should understand that they are depriving their body of several hormonal and physical advantages.

The only way you can deal with pain is making yourself mentally strong. Here are the tips used by pros to beat the pain in gym.

Know why it pains

The mere comprehension of the pain you experience will lessen its intensity. The more you work out the more you will understand the difference between good pain and bad pain and you will actually begin to enjoy the good pain. You also have to understand that working out when you are in pain is not good, but doing painful work outs are good. Realize your bad pain and avoid overexerting that area while working out.

When you put your body under pain there are many hormonal changes and needs that arise and this is where supplements and good food comes into the picture.

Get into the anger zone

Channeling ager in the gym works positively for everyone. This should not be misconstrued as being rude to those around you but rather be angry at yourself, visualize the weights mocking you because you are too weak to lift them, or take out some genuine anger you have towards someone else on your work out.

Remember past pain

Remember the first time you did pull-ups and how much it pained and then remember that the next time you did pull-ups you were in fact stronger and could do more reps than the first time. Use this self motivation to move forward.

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