An International Day to Act on Women’s health


March 8th should not be just another International Women’s Day it should be an International Day to act on women’s health. Women are progressing in every aspect of life and are at par with men, maybe even better in many fields. Humanity is gradually progressing towards a day when there will be no gender-based bias. However, there is one area that needs special attention and that is women’s health. This writer has previously written about the different health problems faced by women and how joining a fitness center and focusing on fitness can alleviate those issues. However today we won’t talk about the club part of health, but just simple and easy ways to connect with you and be healthy.

Just breathe

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But do you realize that when you are engrossed in any form of work we forget to take deep meaningful breaths; and when you are stressed deep breaths pacify you. So spend five minutes daily to breathe deeply and pay attention to your inhaling and exhaling. See how it makes you relaxed and rejuvenated. Then you can push it to the next level and start breathing exercises and yoga meditations. With more and more women suffering from depressive disorders annually, a simple deep breath can help fortify the mental health.

Choose your good exercises

Do those exercises that you feel comfortable, but just do it. Exercising does not mean lifting weights or running on the treadmill for 45 minutes, gentle stretching and brisk walking will also help your mind and body.

Switch off your phone

Go into the airplane mode yourself. Facebook and WhatsApp take more time out of our lives than we can imagine. It is good once in a while to switch off all electronic equipment and live in the present, maybe gaze into the horizon, talk with your friends or colleagues in front of you, or simply cherish a sip of coffee. It may sound like a small thing to do but it has a very good effect.

Make online donations

This is a feel good suggestion. Women normally tend to spend too much on shopping for things they never use. Next time, instead of splurging on clothes and shoes, donate a small amount to the needy. It will make you feel good.

Go outdoors

It might not be possible every day or week but plan to go outside once in a while and enjoy the power of nature. Researchers have proven that spending some value time outside lowers blood pressure levels and the stress hormones.

Let’s just hope that you can thoroughly follow at least one of these ideas and make a healthy start. Talwalkars wishes you all a healthy Women’s Day.

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