What Do You Keep On Your Office Desk?


Are you an office employee? Do you go to the gym in the evening, after office hours? If you answered both questions as a ‘Yes’ then read on, if not read it anyway, maybe you can tell your friends about it.

Now, take a look at your desk, what does it say about you or rather what does it say to you? This is your zone, the place that motivates you and helps you create and stay serene. And don’t forget you spend around eight to nine hours in front of it.

Trainers and athletes recommend decorating a desk in such a way that it not only forms a good first impression but also motivates the person to excel in their tasks. A “motivating” desk releases beta endorphins which will then help you carry on the vigor to the gym.

Some desk item ideas

When you set your desk you should do so with an athletic mindset. Of course you may not be permitted to stick the images of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Vidyut Jamwal, but you can still positively transform your work area.

The best idea suggested by business tycoons is an easy to erase white board. A white board is the best mode to chalk down your daily tasks, erase them as soon as you complete them and then write your after office plans, which would obviously be to go to your gym. You can also chalk down the workout routine and targets for the day.

And it’s a good way to involve one’s peers as well because any one who walks up to your desk will obviously be curious to read what you have written on your white board and they will strike up a conversation. This way you get to know the hobbies and fitness interests of your colleagues and maybe form a work out alliance later. The best part about this scenario is that you will be constantly talking about fitness which will set in your subconscious mind (all this must of course not affect work, needless to say).

You can also place miniature super hero figures (read Captain America or Batman) to remind you about your fitness goal.

The moment you are about to log off your system and leave office, look at the action figures or the writings on the white, think about you goals and dreams and leave office with a purpose.

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