Learning Different Yoga Poses for International Yoga Day and Beyond (Part 1)


International Yoga Day (June 21) should not be just a day for us to feel proud as Indians, but it should also be looked at as an opportunity to learn new poses or asanas of yoga. And the new poses we learn should not be forgotten but it should be practiced on a regular basis to connect with ourselves and our surroundings.

There are a multitude of yoga poses but what pose suits you. Here is a collection of different types of yoga poses that can be done by different people or for different purposes.

Yoga asana to lose weight

Purvottanasana or upward plank: The difficulty level of this pose is high; however with enough practice, this is considered the best pose to lose weight and will give strength and shape to the spine, arms, wrist, back and shoulders. It also works on the legs and the core, so basically this one pose affects the whole body

How to do it: Sit upright with your legs stretched out. Place the hands behind the hips (slightly behind the shoulder) with the fingers pointing towards the toe. Now raise the body upwards from the hip and slowly drop the head back. Basically, it should look like the opposite of a push-up.

Yoga asana to increase concentration

Garudasana or eagle pose: This pose is good for students as it improves concentration and releases the tension from the shoulders and hips. It also improves flexibility, stability, and balance.

How to do it: Stand straight; now cover the left knee with the right leg and hook the right foot to the left calf. Your left leg will be slightly bent as well. Now place the right elbow under the left elbow and grab the left arm with your right palm. Hold this position for 30 seconds while concentrating on your breathing. Now repeat for the other side.

Yoga asana for working women

Plank Pose or Kumbhakasana and chair pose or utkatasana: These are the two best and easy poses for the working women. The plank pose can be done an early morning in your bed and the chair pose can be done anytime anywhere.

How to do it: For the chair pose, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Now raise your arms with the palms facing each other and bend your knees slowly. Hold the position when the thighs become parallel to the floor. Make sure that the knees do not go beyond the toes.

How to do it: For the plank pose, lie on your bed or a mat face down. Bring your palms near the shoulder and lift the entire body up. Hold this position as long as you can, relax and then repeat.

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