What Men Should Understand about Women’s Fitness?


Men generally have a vague notion of women’s fitness and workout. There are some misconceptions and age old dogmas that need to be corrected and understood properly so that men can urge and encourage their female friends and family members to take a step towards fitness. Here we try to give the guys a glimpse into why women should follow fitness and why most of them love doing it. It will help you understand what you can do to support them. While some women have carved a niche for themselves in the fitness world some are just starting out and need all the support. Regardless of their position in the world of fitness, the basics remain the same.

Fitness is Imperative for a Women’s Overall wellbeing

The first point that you all need to understand is how important fitness is for a women’s health. Women are the risk to many ailments, especially as they age, and with workouts and exercises they can burn fats, build muscles and develop a stronger immune system. Working out also puts them in a good mood that reflects the general mood of the family. This good feeling gives them more confidence as they are more self-assured and happy.

Not a Thing Called Girly Exercises

There is no girl specific exercises. Do you think that women should only do cardio on treadmills and skip ropes and do Zumba? Men can do that too. And women can lift; trust me they can, maybe better. Pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, burpees, etc. all help the ladies the exact same way as it helps men. Just like men, some women also strive for that amazing badass body.

But it is Hard for Women

Don’t for once think that it is hard for women to lift. However, there are monthly changes in a women’s body that hamper their workouts. Men need to understand that the confident girl they see in the gym one day may feel bloated the next. Monthly hormone fluctuations can cause a dent in the progress of female fitness. Another reason they find it hard is because unlike men they are not fueled by testosterone.

More than a Good Body

A women’s workout has more to it than just a nice figure or a toned structure. Some do it for building strength, immunity, and self-confidence while others are slogging in the gym because of their kids and family. The toned body at the end of the day is just a bonus (although there are those who are in the gym just for the body). Women come to the gym for the same reason men come to the gym: to get fit, to sweat, to lose weight, to add muscle mass/tone, to relieve stress, to feel confident, and to look good.

Men need to understand and respect this.

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