If 15 minutes is all you have…


Are you running late for college or office? But do you still have some time to spare so that you can go to the gym? Then all you need is a mere 15 minutes to get a full body workout.

There are a lot of exercises that you can do at home, but to get a full body workout with weights you have to visit your gym. But when you enter a gym and you know that you have to leave in 15 to 20 minutes tops then what exercise should you do?

The secret lies in choosing the exercises that hit every muscle part of the body. During short training sessions the simple exercises that give you the most benefits should be chosen. Since you have just 15 minutes you need not do any fancy exercises.

Advice: You can include all your favorite exercises in a circuit fashion, wherein you do then continuously without rest and then rest for 60-90 seconds. If you are fast (and careful) enough you can do two sets of your favorite exercises in 15 minutes. This technique is also useful because after your first exercise the muscle group in that area rests while you workout on other groups. This is how you have to do it: make a list of all your favorite exercises (in your mind, duh!) which targets all the muscle groups and do them without breaks. Rest only after you complete all the sets, after which you rest for 60 to 90 seconds to catch your breath. Then do another set of the same exercise.

And if you cannot do circuit training, you can always do the below exercises in 15 minutes.

Dead lifts or glutes, hamstrings, and back

If you have been following this section then you know that your exercises are not complete without a deadlift. If you know the proper position, then deadlifts can be done with a bar, dumbbells or kettle balls.

Stand straight and keep the weights near your toes. Now bend the knees and hips but keep the back flat. As you pull up the weight up your thighs, squeeze the glutes.

Dumbbell bench press for chest, shoulder and triceps

Lie on a flat bench, take an overhand grip and lower the arms a little lower than the bench width. Do not arch your back like most people tell you to.

Barbell front squats

Hold a barbell in front of you and lower your body till the thighs are parallel to the ground or when you are close to the ground.

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