Make the Most of Our 48 Nutrition Counseling Sessions


We have recently launched an offer wherein people can enroll at Talwalkars under our My Fitness, My Journey initiative.  This 1-year all-inclusive package has many programs inculcated in it, the main being 48 sessions* of nutrition counseling.

And as you know everyone’s fitness goals are different and the journey to these goals are different, hence these 48 sessions* of nutrition counseling will come in very handy for people who enroll.

Nutrition: The biggest part of fitness

People make their fitness goals and then they perhaps follow it religiously in the gym but if they forget the nutrition aspect of fitness then everything gets meaningless. Fad diets, calorie deprived diet or word of mouth eating habits will not help you reach your fitness goals. To get to your fitness goals and to enjoy long term benefits eating a nutritious meal is imperative.

Nutrition counseling

We have certified nutrition consultants or registered dietitians who will listen to your eating habits, analyze your health, learn about your fitness goals and then chart out a diet and help you live a healthier lifestyle. During the session, the nutritionist will give you a list of foods that cater to your fitness goals. Only a trained professional can understand and prescribe the right diet and foods based on your body type, fitness goals, and medical conditions. They will also consider your activity level at college or office, training intensity, and your favorite food (so that you do not entirely skip them). The diet charted by them will include items from all food groups with the right amounts of carbs, proteins, and fats. You can also talk about the different supplements you may need as a part of your training.

Who benefits from nutrition counseling?

Everyone benefits from nutrition counseling and for different reasons. Counseling is helpful for those who want to lose weight, those who want to stay slim, those who want to add muscles, and those who want to be fit. Counseling is helpful to those want a total overhauling of their eating habits, those looking for healthy food and diet habits, those with certain medical conditions, and also those who just want healthy food for their families.

Most people only need two to three sessions of nutrition counseling but we are offering you a staggering 48 session* in a year. My fitness, my journey with proper nutrition.

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