Reasons Why You Are Losing Muscles Instead of Fats


Losing weight is a simple equation, spending more calories than you consume. But is it that simple? Even a well chalked out plan and intention may not be sufficient enough to aid weight loss. When you start losing weight you lose muscles along with the fats. And if you lose muscles which are more efficient calorie burners than fats, the resulting slow down in the metabolism will make it that much more difficult to lose weight. However, when you start your weight loss goal, you need to know the reasons that might be causing you to lose muscle mass rather than fats.

Cutting too many calories

As mentioned earlier losing weight is a simple equation, spending more calories than consuming. However, if the body does not get its basic calorie requirement or if the calorie is cut drastically every next day, it will go into starvation mode thus burning both fats and muscles.

It is recommended to get an estimate of calories you consume and cut them down by 500 to 1000 calories. This calorie cut can come from the diet and exercise.

Neglecting proteins

Regardless of personal fitness goals, proteins must be added into the calorie intake. Research has found that those who cut their calorie intake but increased protein intake lost more fats and gained muscle mass. Proteins from eggs, meat, fish, and dairy provides the body with all the essential amino acids needed to build the muscles.

It is recommended to consume 0.5 to 1.5 times proteins per body weight in kilograms on a daily basis. The range of consumption depends on your daily activity and the intensity of workouts.

Not training weights

A low-calorie diet and lack of resistance training will lead to muscle loss. Lifting weights is a better weight loss program than cardio. Deadlifts and squats are more effective in removing belly fats than doing hours of cardio.

Inculcating compound training exercises in your daily workout routine or keeping aside at least two days of the week for intense weight training helps to lose fats while retaining and building muscles.

No post-workout snack plan

Eating within 20 minutes of workout is essential to replenish the body. And the muscle fibers broken in the gym will be lost.

Ideally, a good quality protein shake is a good and easy post-workout nutrition.

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