Rest Days Equally Important as Training Days


People who have just started working out will jump with joy when they hear about a rest day or days, which is understandable. But there is another category of people in the gym… those who do not like even a single day of rest. They enjoy lifting weights, they enjoy the cardio, and they just enjoy the mere sight of their gym and the weights. For these guys, seven days in a week are not enough. However, everyone needs to understand that rest days are part of the training routine. And if you do not take rest days seriously then your muscle growth will be hampered.

Injury prevention and central nervous system (CNS) fortification

Every time you workout, with high intensity or heavy weights, you are essentially damaging your body, which of course isn’t a problem, as it is what a workout does to the body. The controlled damage to the muscle tissue and the heart and lung exhaustion is what makes you stronger. However, the problem arises when you over train and do not give your body enough time to recuperate. Apart from the obvious physical problems such as sprained neck, and joint pains, lack of rest also leads to Overtraining Syndrome (OTS) which affects the central nervous system. OTS can rob you of all the gains you have made in the gym.

Rest days give longevity

One of the best ways to progress in a gym is by being consistent. A rest day helps you elevate your morale and continue the exercise for a longer duration of time. If you train in excess not only will your body breakdown but you will lose your morale and motivation to go to the gym.

Rest period is when the muscle grows

Always remember, muscles are not built in a gym but in the bedroom and kitchen. Lifting weights are only 25% of the job done; the other 25% comes from rest and the diet makes up for the remaining 50%. When you lift heavy weights the muscle building process starts. How you eat and how you rest to determine how strong they get and how they adapt to new conditions. Nutrition and rest make the body stronger. The growth hormones secreted while you sleep helps in muscle cell recovery.

So, when should you rest?

No matter what you read on the internet, every body type is different and needs different durations of rest. However, as a thumb rule, the rest days are determined by the intensity of workouts. For some, it may be three days of training and four days of rest while for others it may be six days of training and one day rest. To know how much rest you should get, ask your trainer at Talwalkars.

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