The Right Technique to Deadlift


Posture or form is essential while doing any exercise. It will not only help you build muscle or get strong but also save you from the occasional gym injury. The form is very important while doing deadlift because it affects a lot of muscle groups, especially the back and neck which is vulnerable to injuries. If the back and neck get injured then you will have to skip a workout for at least two weeks till they recuperate. So here are some ways to do the deadlift properly.

Deadlift form

  • The stance for deadlift must be narrow, less than shoulder width.
  • Slightly bend the knees and grab the bar such that your arms are perpendicular or vertical to the floor. Use an overhand grip.
  • Keep the back as straight as you can. While lifting the chest must be forward facing and the shoulder-blades should be directly over the bar.
  • Ensure that the torso is upright and push through the heels while lifting.
  • As you lifting above the knees squeeze the glutes.
  • There are two common mistakes done by people after they lift. They lean back and they look up to the ceiling. You just need to stand upright with the straight posture.
  • Bend the knees while lowering, move the chest and torso forward and the glutes back.

Deadlift factors to remember:

  • While doing deadlift you should be able to move your toes, i.e. the focus should be on the heels and the mid foot.
  • The chest and glutes must have the same speed and time while rising and moving.
  • Drive with your heels
  • The chest should be kept upright.
  • The arms should always be straight. The purpose of the arms in a deadlift is to simply hold the bar. They should not be bent or used to pull the weight.
  • The bar should be kept as close to the body as you can.
  • As the bar passes the knees while lifting, squeeze the glutes. It helps avoid any strain to the back.
  • Do not lean or try to hyperextend the back when you reach the top of the movement.

Once you have mastered how to do a deadlift with proper form it is a simple and effective exercise. But it should not be taken lightly because of the risk of injury due to its nature of the biomechanics. Those with back problems and rigid hips should avoid it or consult their trainers. Deadlift is fun when done with heavy weight but those trying it for the first time should use light weights and master the stance. Once you feel comfortable, then do the variations of deadlift which will give you strength and muscle gain.

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