Shun Away these Incorrect Workout Practices


If you dream of lifting heavy weights in the gym and grow strong then there are a few strength training mistakes that can play spoilsport in your progress. Strength and muscle mass are increased progressively and consistently in the gym only when you train correctly. Some of the mistakes made in the gym are due to the lack of knowledge. So here’s a list you can read and understand.

Saving the best exercise for last

Many people in the gym save the best exercise to be done in the end. They think of ending their exercise session with a bang. The most important exercise should be done first because if it is done in the end then you have to counter fatigue (and in some cases time). And if you hurry through the exercise then won’t get the best results.

Focusing too much on supplementary exercises

You might have seen many folks in the gym working really hard on their biceps and triceps, and forgetting the multi-joint exercises that actually strengthens the core. For example, some people do triceps exercise as a means to do more bench presses. Isolation exercises have its purpose and should be done meticulously. It is not just meaninglessly going from one point to the other; with maximum reps. The focus should be on the muscle under tension. Isolation exercises should be done with proper technique and should be performed after doing the main exercise.

No light weeks

Every three or 4 weeks of high-intensity heavy weight workouts must be followed by a week of low-intensity light weight exercises. This week has two purposes: one is to help the body recover better and the other is to stop your body from adapting to the exercise routine. During this one week reduce the number of sets and reps and the weights. So if you can bench press for 5 sets of 12 reps, then lower it to 2 sets of 8 reps each. Similarly is the maximum bench press weight for you is 100 kg then lower it to 70 kg.

Stressing on muscle tension during multi-joint exercises

When you are doing single joint or isolation exercises it is easy for you to concentrate on the muscle that is under tension. But that is not the case when it comes to multi-joint exercises. So don’t try hard to focus on muscle contractions while doing multi-joint exercises. All you need to do is lift the weight from one point to the other with varying tempo or intensity.

Generalized warm-ups and stretches

Think of it this way… you are planning to do heavy squats or lift a maximum of 150 kg on a bench press, but your warm ups are simple stretching of the arms or a five-minute session on the treadmill. This is the generalization of warm-ups. Suppose you plan on doing squats, then warm up the legs accordingly.


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