Super Foods to Boost Super Hair growth


Losing hair on a daily basis is a normal event but sometimes it points to an underlying problem such as stress, vitamin deficiency or an autoimmune disease. The person who is losing hair should do everything in his or her power to reduce the number of strands that break off every day. Apart from the many external products that you can apply on your scalp, there are many foods which can internally fortify your strands. Although there are many foods that are considered healthy for the hair, here we highlight the five foods that have been proven to aid hair growth and health.

Rawas or Salmon

It is considered to be one of the most beneficial fishes you can eat. Hair is made up of proteins and to build strength in them one needs to consume protein rich food. Salmon, locally known as Rawas, is seafood rich in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins making it a super food not just for healthy hair, but for overall health.

Shahad or Honey

Honey, when applied on the scalp, reduces hair fall and hair thinning. Every night before sleeping, prepare a potion consisting of 9 drops of honey and 1 drop of water, apply it on the scalp and leave it overnight. Repeat it for a month to stop hair loss and thinning. Honey is proven to treat scaling, itching, and hair loss.

Kastoree or Oysters

Oysters can be bought at your local fish market (it is not an exorbitantly priced foreign dish). Zinc is another nutrient that supports hair health. A study found that regardless of the reason for hair loss, people who lost hair also had lesser amounts of zinc in their body. And the percentage of zinc in oyster is more than any other food. Zinc is also found in spinach, oatmeal, chickpeas, eggs, and walnuts. In most cases, zinc rich foods slows down the loss of hair.

Essential oils

Natural extracts of rosemary and coconut oils are the best gifts one can give their scalp. Even pumpkin seed oils are known to be very effective in increasing hair growth. Rosemary oil has been proven to be more efficient than many western hair growth products. Applying coconut oil before or after bath protects the hair against protein loss.

Samudri sivaar or seaweed

This can again be found easily, courtesy your local fisherwoman. Seaweed promotes hair growth by up to 15%. When applied on the scalp for three months, it removes dandruff and treats scalp inflammation.

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