Take Nutrition Advice Only from a Nutritionist.

  1. What should I eat to get thin?
  2. What should I eat to bulk up?
  3. Are weight loss supplements good?
  4. I have read that fiber is one of the most important and healthy food. What are the food items that are rich in good fiber?
  5. How much water should I drink? Should everyone drink the same amount?
  6. What is the ideal diet during pregnancy?
  7. What is the best diet for a diabetic?
  8. I am lactose intolerant? How can I get the benefits of milk?
  9. How would I get my iron and zinc if I am a vegetarian?
  10. Should breakfast or lunch be the heaviest and healthiest meal?
  11. What foods will help in reducing belly fat?
  12. Which has more calories, butter or cheese?
  13. Which is healthier, brown rice or white rice?
  14. I love sweets, how can I satiate my sugar urges?
  15. What are the different diet types?

We can go on… these are some of the randomly collected questions from the FAQ section of a diet and nutrition page.

So now that you have read the questions, can you answer them? Maybe you will get some of the answers right, but is the right answer the right one for the person asking the question.

We live in a diverse country where the food habits vary at a distance of every 10 km. And when it comes to cities, the food habits of next door neighbors are different. The diet advice that you give to a North Indian cannot be given to a South Indian. Their diets will be different, just the same way Parathas and Idlis are different. Furthermore a diet that a regular person follows might not be good for someone who is lactose intolerant or someone who suffers from other ailments.

So, even though you may be tempted to give advice to others regarding their eating habits, it is best if you recommended them to a professional nutritionist. And that’s why My Fitness My Journey is so important.

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