Talwalkars Trainers Bust the Myths


Did you know that bad advice and gym myths can halt your progress? This is especially true if you are new to dieting and training or you are in the gym just for the sake of it.

Your health and fitness goals must not be a month long fad. You should imbibe it and make it a part of your life. And for serious bodybuilding freaks… you should always thrive to take your body to the limits, of course, controlled limits.

Here we have tried to bust some of the gym and fitness myths as told to us by the trainers at Talwalkars.

Myth#1: Muscle gain after age 40 is nearly impossible

Let’s be honest, age does affect your likelihood of gaining muscles due to deficiencies in hormone levels, but there are inspirational stories of even 60-year-old bodybuilders. At 40, you should get a blood and saliva test done before starting the gym. Any hormonal deficiencies should be treated with replacement therapy.

Myth#2: If you sweat more you lose at more

Your volume of sweat does not determine your fat loss. When you workout fat is oxidized inside the body, it does not escape through skin pores as sweat. Sweat is only the medium of getting rid of heat.

Myth#3: Binging on fruits won’t make me fat

No matter how healthy a food, it can lead to weight. Fruits contain a lot of good nutrients but also a lot of accessible carbs. When the body is supplied with too much carbs it stops burning fat for its energy needs.

Myth#4: Yoga is enough for developing muscles

Doing yoga does not require much oxygen and hence it doesn’t burn too many calories (unless you are doing hot yoga). And it definitely cannot be compared to strength training. If you follow a proper diet and do yoga, you will lose weight but you won’t get ripped.

Myth#5: Always perform cardio before strength training

Although cardio is the essential part of any workout, doing it before weight lifting will only make you fatigued.

Myth#6: Protein bars are good supplements for meals

Protein bars are highly processed and does not take much calories to digest. You can replace your sweet snacks with protein bars but never replace your meals.

Myth#7: Stay away from caffeine as they are bad

Caffeine is used as an energy drink by many athletes. The problem with caffeine is its overconsumption.

Myth#8: All the vegetables are the same

Different vegetable contains different calories and different nutrients. It is always advisable to have different veggies and not replace the ones you dislike with the ones you love.

Myth#9: Detoxifying is a must before starting fresh

Our body has detoxifying methods of its own, so you need not force-detox. Just stick to a good and healthy diet.

Myth#10: Only bread have carbs

Carbs are present in every food item including grains, fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

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