Testimonial – Vishal Pillay

I joined this program at a weight of 97.5 Kgs and due to lack of fitness and health problems due to weight gain after my accident. A meticulously planned programme helped me direct my efforts to attain my desired goal.  The kind of environment Talwalkars provided me with modern and well maintained equipment made working out easy and result oriented.

With a mix of cardio, weight training and a well balanced diet plan by Vagita and commitment of the trainer to help me achieve the desired results motivated me towards my goal. Running 5 kms every alternate day helped me increase my intensity and weight training helped me burn those extra calories. During this time I refrained for any supplements and totally relied on natural diet suggested by Vagita which helped me gain the desired results.Consistent efforts and a focused approach towards goal along with motivation from the trainers helped me achieve the fitness I desired. I am still working towards getting fitter.

I would like to thank trainers Kedar and Bhushan Sir for their continuous support on the floor.
Special thanks to Vagita for her simple yet effective diet plan which helped me accelerate my weight loss and help intake balanced diet. I would also like to thank Akshay Shinde for his efforts to motivate me and perfect my form by continuously monitoring every exercise and help improve my strength and intensity of workout.

I would recommend Talwalkars Kalyan to anyone looking towards attaining fitness.
Looking forward to an healthy association with Talwalkars and to maintain and improve my fitness level consistently.

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