A Tête-à-tête with a Seasoned Talwalkars Trainer (Session 2)


Here’s what Talwalkars’ trainers has to say about fitness questions we asked him.

“How do you work on your abs?”

“Working your abs and getting a six-pack to show off is done differently. Abs should be treated the same way you work on different muscle group and done in eight to 12 rep range. I usually do two to three abs specific exercises at the end of my training session. When target the inner abs I increase the time under tension.”

“Monsoon season usually plays spoilsport for a person going to the gym, what do you do if it is pouring incessantly outside, and what advice would you give your trainees?”

“Bad weather or other circumstances might keep you away from the gym at times, but I make sure that they do not keep me away from fitness. I have a few basic gym equipments at home, so I make a small space in my bedroom and carry on with the work out. It may not be as effective as doing things in the gym, but it is very helpful. I would advise the trainees to perform body weight exercises. There are so many exercises that you can do at home, starting from pushups, squats, lunges, triceps dips, etc. You can also login to the internet and do the exercises recommended by the pros.”

“Tell us something about high rep and low rep exercises”

“High reps and low reps are both equally important, what matters is your comprehension on the subject. In simple words high reps are necessary for muscle building and increasing connective tissue strength, and low reps are important for improving nervous system functioning and endurance.”

“What is your advice for people trying to get lean?”

“We all know that work outs are just one part of your training, the other part is what you eat. I would advise people that if you want to get slim then buy slim.”

“Any word of advice for our fitness enthusiasts?”

“The hardest thing in fitness is not lifting heavy weights or running 5 kms in 15 minutes, it is to stay motivated for a long period of time. Always make small improvements and changes in your fitness plan and treat every day as a new challenge.”

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