Top 10 tips for New Gym Goers


Are you a first timer at the gym? Do you lack proper muscle mass and strength? Are you tired of seeing no growth in your muscle mass even after slogging in the gym for hours? If you have answered even one of the questions as yes, then this is a blog for you. It is not only for teenagers but applicable also to those 40+ individuals who would like to tone their body. The trainers at Talwalkars will definitely guide you through each step of your training regimen, but there are a few things that you should have in mind before you enter a gym. Given below are 10 points that everyone should remember while hitting the gym.

Talwalkars fitness tips
Talwalkars top 10 fitness tips
  1. Stretching: This is often overlooked in the gym. Most people are so eager to hit the weights that they forget the most important part of workouts. People of all ages and genders are culprits to this error. Ask your trainer for some simple and effective stretching exercises. It only takes 5-7 minutes
  2. The right warm-ups: warm-ups are necessary to get the blood flowing. The simplest advice you will get on warm ups is to take less than half the weights of your first set and do at least 10 reps with it. Make sure you always warm up your delts (shoulder muscles) every day as they are more prone to injury.
  3. Sprints: Jogging or sprinting is the best form of cardio exercise you will get. A brief 10 – 20-minute sprint will help you burn calories and warm you up for your workout. You can jog in a garden or pavement. Another option is to go up and down your building stairs a couple of times.
  4. Focus on form: When we hit the gym the only target is to lift the maximum weight and we compromise on our posture to do so. This is the wrong way to workout. Do not be tempted by the weights that the guy next to you is hitting. Start with a weight that you are comfortable and remember that it is not necessary to increase the weight with every rep. Focus on the form.
  5. Muscle tension: The time your muscle stays under tension is what will help you build it. So avoid heavy weights that need a lot of momentum to lift.
  6. Increased reps: Following on the above two points, when the weight you lift is under your control, go for higher reps.
  7. Shorter breaks: Some of you may have seen guys working out in the gym for hours. Either these guys are professionals or they might not be getting any proper gains. Always remember that the more time you spend in the gym does not translate to more muscles.
  8. Whey proteins: Focus on your eating habits first. Take protein shakes as per your body mass and workout routines.
  9. Water: Drink as much water as you can.
  10. Sleep: At least 7-8 hours of proper sleep are needed at night for the muscles to repair and recuperate for the next day’s training.

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