Trap Exercises for Your Shoulder Day


The mountains on the shoulders, called trap or trapezius, are a sight to look at and those who have got them have put in their time and effort to build them. And if you have got a drooping, sagging shoulder and aim to build bulging traps then make sure to put your mind and body into the effort.

When should you work on traps: on back day or shoulder day?

People are not very sure when they should perform exercises for traps. Should it be done on a back day or should it be done on a shoulder day? You hit the traps on both days but trainers at Talwalkars always advise their trainees to work of the traps on shoulder day. This is because back day mainly emphasizes on lats and lower and mid back, whereas on a shoulder day the tension on traps is more and it works to your advantage.

Exercises for big traps

Include at least two of these exercises on your shoulder day to get bigger traps.

Shoulder Shrugs

This exercise can be performed using a barbell, dumbbells or even cables. In this particular exercises, the weights don’t matter as much as the method of doing it. Choose the right weight plates and hold the barbell just to put the right pressure on the shoulder and the neck. As you pull up make sure that the arms are not under tension, only the traps and shoulder. Squeeze the traps at the top position. Do two sets of the maximum reps you can (usually aim for two sets of 50 reps).

Barbell high pull

The best way to do a high pull is to grab an Olympic bar and load it with weights that are more than the average shoulder press weight you can do. While pulling use the shoulders, traps, hips, and legs, and lower it slowly.

Face pull using low cable

Attach a rope to the lower part of the cable machine. Now stand back and pull the rope to your face. Repeat this movement for as many reps as possible. Choose a heavy weight that you can lift but not so heavy that it may injure your back or neck.

Single arm upright row with dumbbell

Stand straight with arms extended in front of you. Grab a dumbbell with one arm and use the other arm for support. Use your shoulders to lift the weight. Do as many reps as possible.

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