A Way towards a Healthy and Safe Diwali…


It’s that time of the year… Diwali is finally here, and the streets are bustling with usual sales frenzy. The aroma of sweets titillates our senses and we eagerly anticipate the day when we “officially” gorge on them.

And yes, you should, after all, it is Diwali…

And those who have slogged in the gym for the last several months to tuck in their tummy and bulge up their biceps so that they can proudly flaunt their perfect body in front of their friends and family, it’s time to soak in the compliments.

But remember, you have worked so hard to be a fitness enthusiast, so don’t go back to square once all the smoke is cleared and the dust is settled.

And to do that you need to celebrate Diwali in a healthy and safe way.

A bright Diwali sans the noise

Environmentalists and concerned citizens are calling for a cracker less Diwali and we support it. Diwali might be a festival celebrated with fervor but the number of respiratory ailments jumps up after the celebrations. This problem is not just caused by the fire crackers but also due to the increased movement of people. We cannot control the movement part of the problem but at least the fire crackers can be avoided. Children may love bursting crackers but the smoke is too much of a risk. And those who go to a gym will have a decreased stamina for a few days.

Mithai mania

Should you avoid eating mithai? Or should you be very picky while eating sweets? It’s Diwali so we will not recommend that you avoid eating sweets or be obnoxiously picky. But beware of the adulterated sweets in the markets. Always check the dates on the package to avoid buying stale products. Buy dry fruits along with other traditional sweets. And make sure to drink lots of water to avoid sugar cravings.

Weight gain during Diwali

During the weeklong celebration of Diwali people tend to binge eat, the party (with booze), avoid exercising and get less sleep. All these activities tilt the scale out of your favor. Instead, practice moderation, particularly towards food and beverages. Avoid oily snacks and replace them with dry fruit and nuts. Start the day with a cup of green tea instead of the regular variety. Consume more water and high fiber food which will keep you full for a longer period.


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