Has Your Weight Loss Progress Stalled?


Has the weighing scale stopped moving in your favor? Have you hit the weight loss plateau? Losing weight is hard, but what is harder is a stalled progress. There are many ways by which you can correct a stalled progress, and most of the times you yourself are at fault.

Whenever you feel that the progress has stalled it is time to reassess the plan. Most of the cases you yourself might have sabotaged a good progress.

Cardio mania

Treadmills and elliptical are the best and fun cardio exercises and are effective as well. But overdoing the cardio workouts will benefit no one. Sure, you will lose calories while you are on these machines, but their effects do not last long. Sticking with cardio can damage your muscle gain, and make the fitness process stale as well. It is important to complement the cardio with gym workouts or weight lifting. Pros recommend two to three high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises after a two to three cardio sessions. Ensure that you have sufficient time to rest in between both the workouts.

Shying from muscle gain

Several weight loss programs do not inculcate muscle gain in them. If you have more muscles then your body will burn more calories when it is at rest. Again borrowing from the previous tip, combine both cardio and weight training routine in a single workout session. If you are short of time then do two compound exercises such as squats and back exercise.

Undivided calorie count

This point is just a gist of how things should be; you should always consult a professional trainer or nutritionist / dietician before following a diet pan. Everyone calculate how many calories they need in a day, but they fail to break it down into carbs, fats, proteins, etc. Make sure you get enough proteins and the right amount of healthy carbs and fibers.

Fat phobia

Losing fats does not mean that you should avoid eating healthy fats. Good fats in the diet will make you feel fuller. You can get healthy saturated fats from dairy products and meat, and healthy unsaturated fats from olive oil. The essential quantity of essential fatty acids (EFAs) can be obtained from fish, nuts and seeds, and even supplements.

Unable to restrain processed food

No matter what its package says, you must stay away from processed food. Before you go shopping for groceries, make a list of whole foods and carry only the required amount of money. Doing so will make you realize what you want and the lack of money will halt your indulgences. In case you eat processed food high in salt or sugar or carbs, do not forget to pair it with high fiber food.

What are you adding in your food?

You may choose the best bread but are you eating it with a sweet sauce? Your food may be high in fiber but are your condiments healthy? In the process of keeping track of the whole foods, people forget about the sauces and condiments.

Calorie cutting is not under-eating

If you eat less than what the body need from you then your body will store more fats. Do not be a part of crash dieting. Losing fat does not entail going hungry; you have to eat smart and eat good.

Don’t forget micronutrients

Sometimes when you cut food, you miss out on crucial micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Consult a nutritionist / dietician and start taking multi vitamin and omega-3 product supplements.

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