Which Whey Protein Should You Choose?


Whey proteins lie in both the extreme ends of the bodybuilding spectrum. Some live by it whereas others stay away from it. The disparity for this popular supplement is huge; Whey is hugely popular however there are many who are still confused about its efficacy, and some still consider it harmful for health. Whey proteins is a great supplement for those who do intense workouts but having one scoop of Whey does not instantly add muscles. The confusion regarding Whey proteins is largely attributed to its complexity as well as unscrupulous marketing tactics used by companies and websites.

What Is Whey?

Whey is a complex protein which comprises of smaller subfractions of other proteins. Somes of these are: immunoglobulins (IgGs), beta and alpha -lactoglobulins, and peptides including lysozyme and lactoferrin. Each of these individual ingredients has its own properties. Some of these ingredients that make up the Whey are found in very small quantities in cow’s milk. With better filtering technologies Whey proteins are now available in high quality concentrates and isolates.

Why is Whey Proteins Popular?

Whey protein, due to its rich protein content, is considered the best supplement for bodybuilders and athletes all across the world. Its benefits in anti aging and better immunity have also caught on recently. Some of the other benefits as per studies are as follows: lowers stress levels by lowering cortisol, reduces the rate of cancer, reduces blood pressure, boosts liver function, etc. It also has high BCAA content and a high biological value rating. It improves the immunity of the body by raising the level of glutathione (GSH), an important water-soluble antioxidant. Athletes and bodybuilders sometimes suffer from overtraining syndrome (OTS), which is caused by lower levels of GSH. So the increased GSH level in the body due to whey protein lets the athlete train harder and longer.

Types of Whey Protein

Concentrates, isolates, Hydrolysate, ion exchange, and a few others are the types of whey proteins and the main source of confusion amongst people.

Concentrates: – It has 30-40% protein content and also contains undenatured proteins, fats and lactose. Although the protein quantity is less compared to isolates it contains a lot of compounds missing from the isolates.

Isolates: – It is said to be the purest form of whey proteins and has 90% protein content with less lactose and fats.

Hydrolysate: – These are predigested as the complex amino acid chains found in concentrates and isolates are broken into single amino acids. It is absorbed faster in the body leading to greater muscle protein synthesis, and hence preferred by bodybuilders. However because of the breaking down of the complex amino acid chains it does not support immune system as much as isolates.

There are many more types of Whey proteins and the one you choose depends up on your overall health and fitness goal. Talk to your trainer at Talwalkars before buying the best product.

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