Whole-Day Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep


Did you know that to sleep like a baby at nights, one has to start preparing from the moment they wake up in the morning? It’s not just the few evening rules that will put you to sleep, but your actions throughout the day are actually responsible for a good night’s sleep. In case you have trouble sleeping like a baby at nights, read this today and implement it tomorrow to see how perfectly it works.

Early morning tip to sleep at night

The first thing you must do when you get up is to gulp down half-a-liter of water if possible, tepid water). Did you know that you can lose up to one liter of water while you sleep, through breathing? Thus you wake up dehydrated which makes you feel tired and give you a headache. Half-a-liter of water will help you kick start your day as it tells your brain that it is time to get out of bed. Let the sun hit your room; and do at least 10-15 minutes of exercising.

Breakfast tip to sleep at night

You might already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but choose the right carbs to fill yourself. Refined carbs give a quick burst of energy but later makes you feel hungrier. A combination of food high in fiber, and proteins and fats is ideal for breakfast. The best choice would be oats mixed with banana and nuts. Protein keeps you fuller throughout the day, fat prevents inflammation, and fiber avoids stomach issues. And it is recommended to eat high fiber food in the morning rather than at night so that the stomach has ample time to digest it.

Coffee tip to sleep at night

Most people have a habit of starting their day with a cup of coffee. However, it is better to drink your coffee after 10 or 11 pm. In case you must have your coffee as soon as you wake up then switch to decaf.

Office tip to sleep at night

Many of us work in cramped offices but if you get an option choose the office space with a window. It has been found that those who sat next to a window were able to get better sleep than those who did not sit near a window. Such people should walk to open spaces and sit there for a while.

Lunch tip to sleep at night

Stack your body with all the nutrients it can get during lunch. Vegetables, proteins and complex carbs will maintain the energy level in the body. Do not drink coffee during the lunch break.

Afternoon nap to sleep at night

Don’t waste the opportunity if you can get a power nap in the afternoon for about 30 minutes.

Dinner tip to sleep at night

Have a light dinner that is not too spicy; it should also not include gas causing food like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, etc. Dinner should be consumed at least two hours before bedtime.

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